A Career in Teaching – EPP Admission Requirements as prescribed in TAC 227.

Admission and Screening:

  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution; degree must be verifiable through an official transcript stating degree date conferred; unofficial transcripts are temporarily acceptable.
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 overall or 2.5 in your last 60 hrs.
  • Complete written essay, “Why you want to become a teacher.”
  • Successfully pass a critical thinking Exam with one retake.
  • Face to face interview with Program Director and or Program Coordinator.

Candidates from other countries must also satisfy the requirements below:

  • Proof of oral English language proficiency by having a score of 79 or higher on the Internet based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) test. With an acceptable passing score on the Speaking portion of 26.
  • Provide evidence of “degree equivalence” from a foreign credentialing agency.


Field Experience:

  • Teacher candidates will be required to complete a minimum of 30 interactive field experiences hours; to include observing effective classroom teachers, substitute teaching and instructional videos. Our office will assist you with placement.



  • Once accepted you will need to complete our Pre-Service Academy (8 week course). Inquire with our office for the next available session ($800 two installments of $400).
  • Classes are face to face Mon-Fri from 6pm-10Pm.
  • Pass content exam or are considered Highly Qualified or where admitted after successfully passing the PACT exam.
  • Once exam is passed or you are considered Highly Qualified apply for employment with local school districts.
  • Sign contract with school district and apply for a probationary certificate and fingerprinting. Program staff will be available to assist you.



  • Teacher under a fully paid internship during the academic year with a local school district. Internship fees will be deducted via ACH bank draft; inquire with program for details.
  • Complete all program requirements to include your principal’s recommendation you will be recommended for your standard certificate.


Clinical Teaching:

  • Complete clinical teaching application and apply for a CAL loan through the Higher Education Coordinating Board; inquire with program for details.
  • 12 week clinical teaching NON paid assignment with a cooperating teacher.
  • Once you have completed the 12 week assignment and have completed all program requirements you will be recommended for your standard certificate.