We provide intensive supervision that consists of structured guidance and regular on-going support for teachers.

The Texas Beginning Educator Support System (TxBESS), is an initiative of the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC), and is designed to provide systematic support for beginning teachers in their first and second years on the job.

Partnerships that include beginning teachers, local school districts, campuses, & educator preparation entities, have shared responsibility for the success of these beginning teachers. Supporting beginning teachers early in their careers leads to reduced turnover and a more experienced, better-qualified public school teaching staff. TxBESS is part of a coherent, standards based system that begins with the state student standards and continues through pre-service preparation, induction, and in-service professional development.

Beginning teachers who have TxBESS support will attain greater professional expertise more quickly than unsupported beginning teachers, which will in turn lead to higher academic achievement among Texas students.

A mentor teacher (experienced campus teacher), in conjunction with the local school district and A Career in Teaching – ACP (Field Supervisor), will be provided an overview of the expectations associated with A Career in Teaching and its mentoring instrument. This mentoring instrument will require the assigned campus mentor to satisfy certain requirements throughout the academic year. These requirements are in conjunction with insuring the intern is progressing satisfactorily through the program. The Mentor will be paid a stipend.